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Message 52150 - Posted: 27 Jun 2019 | 1:24:48 UTC
Last modified: 27 Jun 2019 | 1:25:48 UTC

I'm done! Last year I gave my computer a break over the hot summer months and started up again in the fall. My hope was that this old computer would hold up and reach one billion points. It survived! I topped one billion today, set GPUGRID to "no new tasks" and I'm not planning to return. At least not with this computer. Maybe I'll start again with a custom build when they're up to Zen6 and XTX 50##'s.

My time with BOINC started in 2013 when I ran CPU tasks only while my computer (already 3 years old then) was on for normal use. The next year I added a 650TI and a few months later ran the computer 24/7. In 2015 I upgraded to a 980TI I found on a good Black Friday sale. 10##'s were already on the market but costly.

Speaking of costs, my Kill-A-Watt reads 9541 KWH for this 6-year period. At $0.083/KWH tha comes out to $790 or about $11/month on average. (If $0.083/KWH seems low there's also a fixed $32/month "service charge" regardless of usage. Not a very green way to bill, IMHO.)

I'll still routinely use this computer until it croaks, and I'll probably run some small tasks for SETI which is what I started with.

I enjoyed contributing to this project and appreciate the GPUGRID team's efforts. Best wishes to all! Now I'll just sit back and watch my RAC slowly fade way....


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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : It was fun, it was real...