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Message boards : Number crunching : Not recieving enough jobs?

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Message 49421 - Posted: 10 May 2018 | 0:53:00 UTC
Last modified: 10 May 2018 | 0:53:43 UTC

I have a GTX 1060 and, previously, a GTX 960 I overclocked that ran GPUgrid. I assumed that I just finished tasks faster than expected, which was why the 960 had free time. However, with my normally-clocked 1060 I had the same issue. Is there a reason why I have periods of time without a GPU task? If it is my fault, is there any way I can fix it?

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Message 49428 - Posted: 10 May 2018 | 7:38:54 UTC - in response to Message 49421.

During the past few months there have been times when WU's where few and that's proably the reason you have had delays getting them.

There are plenty available now.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Not recieving enough jobs?