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Message 46050 - Posted: 3 Jan 2017 | 15:46:39 UTC

Like me, many people here are probably concerned about the amount of power they use and its contribution toward climate change. I just recently found a new power company, Arcadia Power, which has allowed me to switch over to 100% renewable energy (indirectly). You would still be receiving the same electricity from your local power company, but Arcadia matches your usage with investment in wind farms and solar, the idea being that you would essentially be "carbon-neutral" in your electricity usage.

If you're interested in checking it out, here's a link that will save you some money on your first bill from Arcadia.

If this post is in violation of rules regarding advertising or anything, go ahead and take it down. I'm not affiliated with the company, just a customer.

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Message 46051 - Posted: 3 Jan 2017 | 16:13:49 UTC


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Message 48268 - Posted: 29 Nov 2017 | 8:19:08 UTC - in response to Message 46050.

In the UK I can highly recommend Good Energy.

Not only has their electricity always been 100% renewable, but their whole purpose of existence seems to be around promoting local & community generation, helping with efficiency & green policy. Money happily spent with them! :-)

Unfortunately I don't have such an option now over in Hungary - so I just crunch during the winter months where the electricity offsets the heating of my small office (which is electrically heated anyway). I'm planning to get a quieter fan for my 6-year-old clunker & keep it crunching after my imminent upgrade (as soon as those 8700k's are actually available). So I may not need a heater on at all then for much of the time!

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