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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Comparison times for some Pascal based GPUs

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Message 45626 - Posted: 8 Dec 2016 | 19:17:52 UTC
Last modified: 8 Dec 2016 | 19:23:13 UTC

First of all, I encourage you to add your own results. Here's some comparison times for my older GPUs and 3 of the new Pascal based cards. All are run on Windows 7 AMD Phenom machines with PCIe v2.0 x16 (running at x16). Slowest to fastest comparison using ADRIA_2OV5_AMBER_OPEN2 WUs (averages). All cards are factory OC versions at stock factory OC:

EVGA SC or PNY OC 750Ti 2GB: -- 91,500 seconds
EVGA SC 670 2GB: -------------- 68,750 seconds
EVGA SC 1050Ti 4GB: ----------- 67,350 seconds
PNY OC 1060 3GB: -------------- 49,550 seconds
ASUS OC 1060 3GB: ------------- 45,650 seconds

(dashes added for column alignment)

It was interesting to me that the 1050Ti beat the 670 (slightly). Also note that though the core and memory speeds are the same in the Stderr output for both 1060 GPUs, the ASUS is actually running at a significantly higher speed according to MSI Afterburner. From my observations these comparison times are also representative of other WU types.

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Message 45628 - Posted: 8 Dec 2016 | 19:49:50 UTC - in response to Message 45626.

Very illuminating. I no longer have the results for my GTX 960s and 970, since apparently the server upgrade lost the older ones. But I am surprised that the GTX 750 Ti's still do so well; two of them are equivalent in power (120 watts TDP) and output to the GTX 1060. The only problem is that they may not make the 24 hour bonus, but that may not be much of a problem.

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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Comparison times for some Pascal based GPUs