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Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : New Method Speeds Tumor Analysis

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Message 38803 - Posted: 4 Nov 2014 | 11:30:08 UTC

A novel computational method developed by the computational genomics group at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) represents a big leap forward for cancer research as well as genome analysis.

As detailed in the official announcement and the current issue of Nature Biotechnology, SMUFIN – short for Somatic Mutations Finder – pinpoints the genetic alterations responsible for the formation and progression of tumors simply, quickly and precisely. A tumor’s complete genome as well as its mutations can be determined in just a few hours. SMUFIN also goes further than previous solutions, revealing hard-to-detect genetic alterations in aggressive tumors that other tools missed, even when they used weeks of supercomputing cycles.


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Message 38804 - Posted: 4 Nov 2014 | 14:22:25 UTC - in response to Message 38803.

Very interesting, though it does not appear to be part of GPUGrid. I wonder if it has implications here though?

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Message 38805 - Posted: 4 Nov 2014 | 14:39:08 UTC

Yes, indeed not related to us but very nice work from our colleagues over at BSC!
Not much application for us though as it's more focused on personalized medicine and genomics research.

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