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Message boards : Server and website : Chosen Team dropping off my Account.

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Message 26715 - Posted: 27 Aug 2012 | 16:57:35 UTC

I have chosen a Team to donate my contributions to (crunching@EVGA) at GpuGrid because I wish to support for 2 reasons. First because I believe in the company that the founder(s)/Captain(s) is/are exploiting. And second because I like the types of projects you offer to choose from.
That being said, there has developed personal issues with the Team Captains/muckity-mucks of Crunching@EVGA which all other boinc projects do not cause issues with me over as a Donor. GpuGrid is apparrently allowing Teamname owners/captain/founders (or someone) to control who (which Donors) is/are allowed to contribute their science to the Crunching@EVGA team. I contribute largely when I have all my resources on-line. When I do this, My team choice is deleted from my account. Meaning that I did not initiate a "Quit Team" under my account here. When I notice and select Crunching@EVGA again (as my team choice) I find it constantly being removed from my GpuGrid account but oddly only when I am contributing at a high level.
Point is that if this is the choice that GpuGrid is standing by, I will again shut my equipment down and save electricity. I have not found any other projects that I feel address my want for contributing when faced with the electricity costs and upkeep of doing so. I left the Folding@Home community because of project issues involving treatment of Donors concerns/wishes after years there and Then found GpuGrid. The simple fact that you offer projects of interest to me as a donor is a huge plus. However,if I am not allowed to choose where my donation goes (team choice) for any reason, it will be enough to just not spend MY money as a Donor that is required for the upkeep of contributing.
Any input and/or action in this area to remedy this situation would be appreciated.

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Message 26720 - Posted: 27 Aug 2012 | 20:37:28 UTC

Sorry if this doesn't help you, but I wanted to talk a bit on the topic.

If this is true, than I would probably switch teams if there is no solution. I too crunch for this team because my card is from EVGA. I wouldn't however recommend quitting the project because I don't know what the GPUGRID team can do here.

I do however think something should be done about the crunching@evga team captain if they really did kick you out for a personal issue. What I also don't get is why though, because if you donate points to a team, they go higher on the scoreboards, so you would think the captain would want to be as high up as possible.

I don't however know the exact situation and the problems between you and the captain, so I can't judge them to much. Like I said earlier, I would suggest simply leaving the team if you have had some issues, and posting something on the forums, which you did. Don't just quit the project, unless you really feel that the GPUGRID group could have done more and/or you don't like crunching for GPUGRID.

Sorry for any typos and I want to also say this was just my opinion, and I'm not trying to further attack you or something like that.

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Message 26723 - Posted: 27 Aug 2012 | 22:40:56 UTC

Why not join a team that appreciates every contribution, no matter how big or how small it may be.

A devoted cruncher like you would be most welcome in any team.

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Message 26734 - Posted: 28 Aug 2012 | 15:09:20 UTC


I'm not sure what's going on or why this is happening, but I can assure you none of us has a reason or the time to remove your team selection (or anyone else's team selection). I don't know a tremendous amount about how team selection works (either on our servers or in the broader BOINC community), but perhaps there is a bug on our side. I can try to better understand these things, but it will take a few days. Again, we have no motive for removing your team selection, so this must be a bug somewhere. I'll try to figure it out when I have time. It could very easily be an issue with crunching@evga team, but I don't know that either.


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Message boards : Server and website : Chosen Team dropping off my Account.