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Message 45120 - Posted: 2 Nov 2016 | 19:21:09 UTC - in response to Message 42173.
Last modified: 2 Nov 2016 | 19:34:51 UTC

Generation Pascal (GP) is now the most recommended architecture for crunching at GPUGRID, due to performance/Watt and the research predominately being Single Precision.

Recommendations are grouped into High End, Mid-Range and Entry Level and by architecture or series:

Highly Recommended (all GP):

High End GTX 1080, GTX 1070 Mid-Range GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1060 3GB, Entry Level GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1050

Recommended (all GM):
High End GTX Titan X, GTX 980Ti, GTX 980, GTX 970 Mid-Range GTX 960, GTX 950 Entry Level GTX 750Ti, GTX 750

OK-ish (GeForce 700 series):
High End GTX Titan Z, GTX Titan Black, GTX 780Ti, Titan, GTX780, GTX 770, GTX 760Ti Mid-Range GTX 760, GTX 760 192-bit Entry Level GTX 740, GTX 730 (not the GF model)

Still work (GeForce 600 series):

High End GTX 690, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660Ti Mid-Range GTX 660, GTX 650Ti Boost, GTX 650Ti Entry Level GTX 650 (2GB only), GT 640 (Kepler) and GT 630 Rev.2.

Mostly dont work/not recommended (most WU's require cc3.0 or greater):

Geforce GTX 590, 580, 570, 480, 560 Ti (448), 470, 465, 560 Ti, 460, 550 Ti Tesla* C2050/C2070 (Workstation), M2050/M2070, S2050 (Data Center) Quadro Desktop* Quadro 6000, 5000, 4000, 2000, 2000D

No longer work:
Geforce GTX 295, 285, 280, 275, 260-216 (55nm), Tesla10, Tesla20, 460SE, GTS450, 480M (CC2.0), Quadro Mobiles; 5010M, 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000, Quadro 600

Recommended Desktop OEM Cards:
GTX 960 (OEM), GTX 760 Ti, GTX 760, GeForce GTX 660 (OEM) - Two versions 1152:96:32 (256bit bus) and the lesser 1152:96:24 (192bit bus), GTX 645 (GK106) 576:48:16, GT 640 (GK107)

OEM GTX cards tend to be mid-range and GT cards are entry level cards, however the 760 Ti and 660 Ti were high end.

GPUGrid is now CC3.0 or higher. If you try to use a GeForce (GF) GTX 470 for example the app will throw the following error message:
    #SWAN: FATAL: cannot find image for module [] for device version 200

That's because the GTX470 uses a GF100 chip which is Compute Capable (CC) 2.00.
Best to use GPU's with 2GB or more GDDR.

Compute Capability
CC6.1 GTX1000-Pascal (GP104/GP106) [GTX1080, GTX1070, GTX1060]
CC5.2 GTX900-Maxwell (GM204) [GTX980, GTX970]
CC5.0 GTX700-Maxwell (GM107) [GTX750, GTX750Ti]
CC3.5 GTX700-Kepler (GK110)
CC3.0 GTX600&700-Kepler (GK104, GK106, GK107, GK208)
CC2.1 GTX450&500-Fermi (GF104, GF106, GF108, GF114, GF116, GF118)
CC2.0 GTX450&500-Fermi (GF100, GF110)
CC1.3 GTX200 (GT200)

If anyone is purchasing new GPU's please consider doing so via the Amazon links as these make a small contribution to the project
- Thank you.

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Message boards : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : FAQ - Recommended GPUs for GPUGrid crunching